Lazy Days of Summer

Relaxing, having fun, enjoying the warm weather is the top of everyone’s minds in the Summer. Everyone has endured so much over the last year, that we may have forgotten to take a minute and reflect on our personal health.

With Summer coming to an end, which to many is the end of empty schedules, it’s a great time to start making those appointments for your own health. Dental Hygiene isn’t just a cleaning, it’s taking care of your oral health which in turn affects your overall health.

At a time when it’s necessary to be healthy, to help us through this craziness, it’s a good idea to look at when you last had your dental cleaning.

It may actually be longer than you think, with dental offices being closed a the beginning of Covid Mar 2020, lockdowns and having to stay home, it may just be almost 2 years for some.

Your home care is important but having your hygienist assess and clean your entire mouth is a must.

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